FLi Sci aims to become a leading organization producing scientists from a diverse range of backgrounds — racially and socioecnomically — because wealth should not be a requirement for pursuing a career in science

Our Mission

The mission of FLi Sci is to support the development of low-income students who will be the first generation of their family to attend college to pursue careers in science and research.

While we envision a world where people born in poverty are not excluded from scientific opportunities, the data suggests that we have significant strides to achieve to make that a reality.

Data from the National Science Foundation found that, among faculty in the United States, only 10.1% of them came from an economically disadvantaged background

In fact, though only 1.2% of people in the U.S. possess a Ph.D., a recent survey of faculty in 2020 found that 25% of those currently at Universities were raised by parents with Ph.D.s.

And another recent study, looking at the socioeconomic background of students currently enrolling in medical school, show that virtually all admitted students come from a high-income background.

That is why FLi Sci exisits: to do what we can in order to support as many students in poverty as we can who aspire for careers in science.

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