Ruth Kendall

I am a 17 year old Queens native with a Middle Eastern/Egyptian background that is passionate about pursuing a neuroscience degree, then matriculating into a career in medicine. I am a proud Muslim who is passionate about normalizing the religious community through the removal of common stigmas. Apart from this, I am also an Opportunity Network Fellow (class of 2025) and a strong student that strives to learn through an interdisciplinary approach. I am particularly interested in global health and lessening the differences of the population of underserved children through academic aid (have bilingually tutored throughout NYC). Lastly, my identity directly coincides with being the son of immigrants and am intent on pursuing STEM as a means to help.

Beginning in Fall 2021, Ruth will begin her college studies at Smith College.

Ruth's FLi Sci Scholar Final Presentation

Ruth Kendall FLi Sci Presentation